p>…If by “Romeo” you mean a nervous accountant named Rae.

My originally scheduled first date bailed last-minute with one of the all-time best excuses: “I’m really sorry, but I have a friend in crisis who I need to be with, so I can’t meet up tonight.”  I mean, what can you say to that?  “Unacceptable. You owe me more than this.  I put up with your lack of capitalization for three whole emails.”  Nope, he had me cornered. And I couldn’t help but be impressed— I wish I thought of it first.

So when the accountant swooped on the scene via instant message I was sure it was Uncle Sam  giving me a sign.  I had already spent hours wrestling with Turbo Tax to no avail.  I quickly changed into something that said: “I’m smart. I’m creative. I put out for tax deductions,” and headed to the bar to meet him. But 14 seconds into our encounter I knew it was battleship down.

It wasn’t that Rae isn’t polite. He’s suuuper polite. He laughed at every joke I told, and everything I said.  And every time I sneezed. And when he thought something was really funny he’d put his hands together in prayer and look up, as if Jesus himself had sent him this good time.

I left after two beers, not one step closer to a good time, or finishing my taxes.

Total Investment:

  • 2 hours
  • $10

Think that’s tax deductible?

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